Since its opening in 2005, teamwork, professionnalism and dynamism are at the core of Specifik Performance. This passionate team will bring you beyond your limits. Our professionals specialize in coaching, training, and bringing athletes to an elite level.

A multi-disciplinary team


Our physiotherapists offer a professional and personalized service. They will help you regain your physical capacities in order to remain active in your every day life.

Anne-Marie Jubinville

Anne-Marie, co-owner of Specifik Performance, has extensive experience with the sports clientele, particularly with hockey, handball, gymnastics, figure skating and Ultimate frisbee athletes. For several years, she played flag, touch, and contact football, soccer and Ultimate frisbee. In 2013, her Ultimate frisbee team won gold at the US Open, the national competition.

Education and Certifications

B. Sc. Physiotherapy –McGill University
Manual Therapy level 1 and 2
McKenzie Training part A
Training on injury prevention in running

With SP since 2012

Chloé Bouclin-Sabourin

Chloé is passionate when it comes to sport medicine. Being herself a high level athlete in soccer during many years – Canadian Championships with Québec team and the Carabins of the University of Montreal, recruit of the Canadian National Hopeful Program – she uses manual therapy and motor control with her clients while combining her knowledge in kinesiology. She is able to develop adapted training programs according to different injuries allowing her clients a better return to play in sports or daily activities. She makes the most of her knowledge and technical abilities with various types of athletes as for runners (running pattern analysis), for ultimate frisbee players (being Head Therapist of the professional team the Montreal Royal), or for Crossfit athletes wanting to get back and excel in each WOD. It would be her pleasure to help you despite your situation!

Education and Certifications

M. Sc. Physiotherapie – University of Montreal
B. Sc. Kinesiologie – University of Montreal
Manual Therapie level 1 and 2 (Upper Quadrant) – AQPMO
Sports First Responder

With SP since 2015



Whether it’s for an important competition, to achieve a weight loss goal or to simply to adopt a new healthy lifestyle, the kinesiologists at Specifik Performance are here to help you build a program that is adapted to your condition. They will establish an action plan, ensure a rigorous follow-up, and give you clear and concise advice.

David Girard

As president and founder of Specifik Performance in 2005, David has been working alongside athletes and sports groups from a multitude of disciplines for over 15 years. With a strong sense of athletics as a key player in the Université de Montreal Carabins football team, he now specializes in athletic development in hockey, football, soccer, CrossFit, Ultimate frisbee and figure skating.
A creator, innovator, and visionary, David actively participates in the training of athletes so they can achieve their goals regarding physical condition and athletic performance.

Education and Certifications

B. Sc. in Kinesiology at Université de Montréal
Continuing Education in sports performance, NSCA and EXOS-Athletes Performance
Physical Trainer accredited by Hockey Quebec

With SP since 2005

Maxime Godin

Maxime, kinesiologist, studied finances and eventually moved towards training. An athlete himself, he played soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball and tennis. He has been playing handball for over 20 years, 16 of those on the national team. He participated in several international competitions. As a trainer, he is passionate and wants to make sure that people remember him the day after a workout when they’re feeling sore!

Education and Certifications

B. Sc. in Kinesiology at UQAM

With SP since 2010

Valérie Burnham

Valérie is a versatile kinesiologist when it comes to private and group training. She is passionate about physical preparation and wishes to bring her athletes to surpass their objectives of performance. She mostly trains athletes in ringuette, hockey, ultimate Frisbee and Crossfit. Former ringuette athlete who participated in numerous provincial championships, she now devotes her energy and her determination in the gym and on the rugby field (7 and 15 aside). Implicated administratively as head trainer, she is in addition in charge of the post-partum group training program (mother and child) which is available at Rosemont as on the South Shore, at Spécifik Performance Longueuil.

Education and Certifications

B. Sc. Kinesiology at Sherbrooke University
Crossfit Trainer Level 1 Certification
Technical certification in weightlifting (Quebec Weightlifting Federation)
Swedish Massotherapy and introduction to kinesitherapy (Quebec Massotherapist Alliance)
Masso-Kinesitherapy – In Progress

With SP since 2014

Frédéric Deneault

With proven experience as a AAA soccer player and coach for several years, Frederic interned with the Montreal Impact and the training center at the National Sports Institution, which furthered his knowledge in physical training. He is passionate about athletic performance and he himself is a walking encyclopedia about everything related to training. Nutrition is something that holds his interest. He currently trains professional athletes as well as athletes at the university and high-school sports-études levels in sports such as hockey, soccer, basketball, football and figure skating.

Education and Certifications

B. Sc. in Kinesiology (finishing 3 and 6 month internship with the Montreal Impact and the training center)
4 months internship at the National Sports institute with Olympic athletes in short track speed skating, swimming, synchronized swimming and diving..
Provincial coach diploma from the Quebec Soccer Federation allowing to coach AAA team

Chez SP depuis 2011

Maxime Durocher-Demers

Maxime entered Specifik Performance as an intern in 2014 during his master’s degree in kinesiology (University of Montreal).  Also a bachelor in Human Kinetics (University of Ottawa, 2011), Maxime has worked as a kinesiologist in the Ottawa/Gatineau area since 2008. After working in many kinds of fitness & conditioning environments in the Outaouais territory, nostalgia from his time at Specifik Performance hit him so hard that he had no choice but to jump on the wagon and get a franchise of his own in 2017 to fulfill his desire to help athletes of any level (amateurs and pros), especially in endurance sports (running, cycling, triathlon, etc.)

Eager to succeed and always trying to figure out new ways to achieve the optimal physical condition for his athletes, Maxime specializes in exercise physiology and biomechanics in sports. You will recognize him by his red hair and big glasses, but mainly through his restless passion to actively participate in his athletes’ progress.

Education and Certifications

B.Sc. Human Kinetics (Cum Laude), University of Ottawa (2008 – 2011)
M.Sc. Kinesiology, University of Montreal (2012 – 2014)
CSEP-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), ANIE (2009)
CSEP-CEP (Certified Exercise Physiologist), University of Ottawa (2011)
FMS Level I & II (2015)
Licensed Strength & Conditioning Coach by Hockey Québec (2016)

With SP since 2017

Jean-Philippe Riopel

Founder of Specifik Ultimate, Jean-Phillippe is an excellent pedagogue and physical trainer for team sports. He works with athletes in numerous sports including figure skating and hockey. His Ultimate goal is to transmit his passion and incite young athletes to develop good training habits from the begining of their sports career. As an Ultimate frisbee athlete, he participated in the 2014 world championships in Italy. In 2013, his team won gold at the US Open national competition.

Education and Certifications

B. Sc. in Physical Education at Université de Sherbrooke
Several formations with physical trainers recognized in Ultimate frisbee such as Tim Morril, Melissa Witmer and Ren Caldwell

With SP since 2012

Alex Turcotte

Alex Turcotte, owner of Specifik Performance Longueuil, has a degree in kinesiology from UQAM. He has been working in the field for ten years and has an excellent network of sports contacts, particularly in junior hockey where former teammates continue to be involved in the sport. Alex played elite level hockey, most notably three years at the major junior level including the final of the Memorial Cup in 2001 with les Foreurs de Val d’or. He has a varied client list, including business people who enjoy a challenge, professional hockey players and young athletes in development. Alex’s specialty is strength and power for team, individual and endurance sports.

Education and Certifications

B.Sc in Kinesiology at UQUAM
Equivalence to NCCP Level III
Continuing education with specialists including SWISS 2015, Alexander Varbarnov, Paul Gagné and others

With SP since 2015

Jonathan Faust

Jonathan is passionate about physical activity and rehabilitation, and has been working in the field since 2008. After completing a college degree in physical rehabilitation therapy, Jonathan studied kinesiology to be able to refine his approach with his clients. While completing his degree, Jonathan was also research assistant in exercise physiology for two years. Whether you are an athlete or not, healthy or injured, Jonathan will bring out your best on the road to achieving your goals.

Education and Certifications

B.Sc in Kinesiology at UQAM
DEC in physical rehabilitation therapy
First responder, sports

With SP since 2016


Athletic Therapists

Specialists in musculoskeletal injuries, our athletic therapists will enable you to return to work or sport in a rapid and effective manner. They will help you prevent further injuries and realize your goals. For treatment and rehabilitative exercises consult our athletic therapists.

Karl Falardeau

During his years at Concordia University, Karl has done more than 1200 internship hours on field and in the clinic with sports teams such as the Concordia Stingers and the UQAM Citadins. He is the expert with hockey, ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, and crossfit injuries. It all starts with initial management of the injury on-field and evaluating it later in the clinic. Followed by treatment in the clinic and moving into the gym for end-stage recovery and injury prevention. Karl works using many muscle release techniques and mobilizations to compliment prescribed exercises. Having dealt with various injuries and age groups, Karl is able to adapt both treatment and exercises to each one of your goals, whatever your finish line!

Education and Certifications

B.Sc. Exercise Science – Athletic Therapy – Concordia University
Certified Athletic Therapist in Canada
Sports First Responder

With SP since 2016


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