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Promote a multidisciplinary approach focused on individualization and specificity, with the goal of making sports performance accessible to all.

Guide, inspire, educate and motivate by sharing our passion, one repetition at a time.

      Founded by experts who are passionate about sport, we are a network

      of multidisciplinary centres

      specialized in athletic performance

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      As specialists in muscle-skeletal injuries, our therapists will help you return to work or sport quickly and efficiently. Our professional team will help you prevent future injuries and achieve new fitness goals. For treatment and rehabilitation exercises, consult our experts!


      Whether it is for an upcoming athletic competition, to reach a weight-loss goal or simply to adopt healthier habits, the trainers and kinesiologists at Specifik Performance will design a program adapted for you, establish an action plan, provide clear and detailed advice, and ensure rigorous follow-up.

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      Specificity in service of performance

      It’s what makes us stand out!


      Our professionals use an approach that prioritizes scientific rigour and individualization to offer customized services adapted to your fitness level, needs and goals.

      Professional Support

      With an interdisciplinary team housed under the same roof to ensure complete care, nothing is left to chance; each exercise, each repetition is designed to help you achieve your goals.


      The analysis done by our team will allow you to achieve measurable, transferable results that will help you reach peak performance in your sport and optimize your athletic abilities.


      Our functional training centre that includes a physiotherapy clinic on-site allows for a simple and effective collaboration between different specialists.

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