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Physical Condition

At Specifik Performance, evaluation and analysis make up the foundation of our professional approach. These tools help our team determine an athlete’s strengths, as well as aspects they can improve upon, in order to develop an action plan that is specific and adapted to each client.

In addition, the evaluation process allows for measurement of an athlete’s progress, so that objectives can be adjusted based on individual development.

  • $49
  • Taxes extra
  • Fitness evaluation (Standard)

    • Evaluation: needs, goals and risk factors
    • Évaluation standardized on SCPE*
    • 30 minutes
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  • $85
  • Taxes extra
  • Fitness evaluation (Full)

    • All elements under Fitness evaluation +
    • FMS evaluation (motor control, asymmetries and compensations)
    • 60 minutes
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* : Société Canadienne de Physiologie de l’Exercice

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