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Group Classes

Group classes at Spécifik combine strength training and cardiovascular training in an athletic circuit, adapted to your level, in a motivating, dynamic and safe environment.

Trainings are 60 minutes and include activation, effort and cool down. Training styles and methods vary from class to class to keep you motivated and help you improve several aspects of your fitness.



  • Athletic workout session, accessible to all levels. Group training based on intervals, competitive circuits and other formats, according to the supervising kinesiologist’s inspiration.
  • These are ideal to begin your SPÉCIFIK experience and/or to fit a complicated schedule
  • 60 minutes


  • Similar to SpeciFIT sessions, but focused on quality of movement and use of the right weights to maximize potential
  • This training allows for more breaks, but series become more intense
  • These are ideal to
    • lean how to properly execute moves while you are training
    • become stronger
    • posture correction
    • learn to better chose weights for your training
  • 90 minutes


  • Have you had joint pain for some time? The SPECIFLOW classes offer various methods to develop your flexibility, your mobility as well as the relaxation of the muscular tensions associated with these pains. With the aid of several tools such as balls, foam rollers and rubber bands, you will learn how to relax the muscular stiffness of everyday life, whether it is caused by your rhythm of life or your sports activities. Accessible and recommended to all.
  • 60 minutes

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